Alternative Cures For Herpes

Both conventional and alternative or natural therapies can be used as cure for herpes treatment, though there is currently no cure for the disease. Those suffering with an outbreak of the virus may want to try various treatments to find an individualized “formula” that works for them, helping them minimize symptoms and speed the healing process.

Herpes treatment options can help control symptoms during an outbreak. New infections are typically the worst, and once a person gets through the initial infection, he or she should find that subsequent episodes are shorter and less intense than the first. Outbreaks, however, appear when they are least welcome, during periods of emotional or physical stress on the body that has diminished immune system function.

Before we discuss the newest herpes treatments, let’s start with the conventional options. There are antiviral medications such as Valtrex prescribed to treat symptoms and to help prevent future outbreaks. Some cold sore medications may help prevent the growth and spread of lesions by creating a film over the top of the blisters. Anti-microbial creams are being developed that may be effective against herpes, particularly in preventing the spread of the virus. Since herpes-related skin lesions are often painful, over-the-counter pain medications can be helpful with pain control as well as fever relief.

The newest herpes treatments are natural remedies that may offer relief from symptoms without the side effects that can accompany the use of prescription medications. Natural treatments for herpes include nutritional supplements geared at shortening symptomatic outbreaks and aiding the healing process of lesions. For example, adding the amino acid lysine to the diet may help both in the treatment and prevention of herpes outbreaks. Natural herbal antiviral therapies can help fight the virus while boosting the immune system.

Home remedies are also among popular treatments for herpes. Since the skin lesions caused by the virus have been found to heal most quickly when they are kept clean and dry, infected areas should be cleaned and then dried well yet gently with a towel or a cool hair dryer on the cool setting.

Soaking affected skin in a salt bath can encourage the sores to dry up and can feel soothing to the irritated skin. Ice can be used as a natural pain and inflammation reducer. Drinking plenty of water is effective in controlling a mild fever and keeping the body as healthy as possible as it fights the herpes symptoms.

Those with genital herpes lesions inside the urethra will find that remaining hydrated helps reduce pain during urination since the urine is diluted.

Researchers continue to investigate the virus to help develop better treatments, a vaccine, and a cure for herpes. Additional natural remedies are also under investigation. For now, the best defense against a flare-up of herpes symptoms is a strong immune system built through a healthy lifestyle, including stress management, good nutrition, and adequate sleep.

Talk to your doctor to decide whether conventional or one of the newest herpes treatments is right for you.

Sheldon Miller is a health researcher who has been studying natural remedies for herpes and other STDs for many years. For more info: