Choosing The Right Dentist in NYC

There are multitudes of choices out there when it comes to selecting a dentist. A dental professional will make a big difference in the care of an individual’s teeth and gums. There are various specialties in this profession as well as personality types. Here are some things to think about when selecting a dentist.

Dental specialty is one component to base a decision on. There are a variety of professionals who take care of oral health. Oral health includes the care of gums, mouth and teeth. Depending on a person’s age or need, there is a specialty that will suit them. Some examples are pediatric, cosmetic and general dentists. There are also orthodontists and endodontists in dentist nyc.

– Pediatric dental pros focus their practice on working with the younger set. This includes babies and toddlers through adolescence. Even very young tots need oral care in terms of keeping gums clean and healthy as the teeth are initially emerging. Some pediatric practices add video games to their waiting rooms, colorful murals on their walls and funny sunglasses for their patients to wear during office visits. This makes it a more playful experience for all.

– Cosmetic: Cosmetic dentists are those that concentrate on beautifying their patients’ smiles. Services that they may offer include bleaching and whitening of stained or yellowed teeth, capping jagged or cracked enamel, and applying veneers.

– General: A general oral health practitioner takes care of the mouths of all ages and a multitude of general dental complaints, including repairs and maintenance. This professional is usually a practitioner for the entire family.

– Orthodontists: Orthodontists work on the straightening of each tooth. While teens make up the bulk of their patients, adults of all ages also opt for straightening. Today’s braces come in a variety of appearances. Gone are smiles filled with metal railroad tracks or tin grins. Modern apparatuses may be clear or brightly colored to create a cool and creative look. If a person is going to have their teeth straightened, they might as well have a bit of fun while they’re at it.

– Endodontists: Endodontists are dental professionals who care for the pulp and tissue surrounding each tooth. When most people think of oral care, they only think of the teeth. Endodontists care for the adjoining region which contains nerves, arteries, lymphatic and fibrous tissue — all imperative to oral health. A breakdown in these systems may cause pain, tooth loss and disease. This professional performs root canals, applies crowns and repairs cracked or damaged enamel.

Personality types are another thing to consider:

– Chair-side manner: Just like physicians and surgeons have different temperaments and bedside manners, dentists do too. Some people prefer loud and charming individuals working in their mouth while others prefer quiet and reserved types. Interviewing the prospective pro before becoming their patient is one way to size them up.

– Sensitive approaches to dental fears: Some patients have phobias and fears due to past bad experiences. Some dentists are deeply sensitive to this issue and will therefore be the best practitioners for those patients that are fearful or phobic.