Is IVF The Cause Of Your Infertility

For the doctor to understand why you are having trouble falling pregnant the various questions he asks will help build a picture of your background. Questions concerning your childhood illnesses growing up and follow on to what has been tried up until now. The line of questions will cover to present and what techniques you use when love making. The ivf doctor in guwahati will want to know the regularity of your sexual activities, so he can see if you are indeed having sex enough to greater your chances of becoming pregnant.

Although these questions seem embarrassing, but let me reassure you that they are very necessary to explore the reasons why you are experiencing difficulties getting pregnant.

Recent research has revealed that some 45 percent of women have experienced medical problems such as Endometriosis, which is the endometrial tissue or the uterine lining that grows outside the uterus that is shed each monthly period. The woman that has Endometriosis can sometimes experience irregular heavy bleeding and as a subsequent have repeated miscarriages.

The good news is that laparoscopic surgery can be performed to remove the abnormal tissue lining and also while having this procedure it is then possible to unblock tubes. This treatment alone will enable the person a better success rate to fall pregnant. The expected success rate has been reported as high as 40-60 per cent after 18 months of having this type of surgery!

Other Medical problems, which may prevent pregnancy, are:

• Blocked or damaged fallopian tubes 
In this type of condition it prevents fertilized eggs from getting to the uterus and the sperm from getting to the egg 
• PID Pelvic inflammatory disease 
This is where the ovaries are found to have abundance of small cysts and this stops them ovulating regularly 
• Poor egg quality 
This is usually an age related problem where the egg quality declines around the women is in her late 30s or early 40s. Egg donation or even surrogacy could solve this problem. 
• Polycystic ovary syndrome 
The ovaries are found to have many small cysts and are not able to ovulate regularly due to hormone imbalances

If you are still unsuccessful in still trying to get pregnant you may wish to learn in vitro fertilization, which is available through The IVF Centres that are scattered throughout the country. Without the medical intervention from the experts who run these types of programs many couples would be denied the miracle of ever having their own babies.

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