Natural Home remedies For Toothache

It’s 12 A.M. and you can’t sleep. A hellish tooth ache makes your head explode in pain and your hands scratch the bed. You just can’t take this anymore and begin kicking the sheets, turning, fussing around until you can’t take this anymore and turn on the light 1 second before roaring like an unholy creature. With your frowning red eyes you rapidly approach your pill drawer but when you look in it, there are no tooth ache pills anymore. You punch close it and shout in a desperate rage inside your mind that’s almost reached the limit of tolerating the pain. But then you remember your wife’s tooth ache two months ago and how she dealt with it with no medicines. Yeah, calm down now, you remember she used something from her groceries. Aha, that’s it!

You run to the kitchen like a hungry tiger would chase his pray and quickly reach out for the garlic. Roarrrrrrrr! Even if you hate it, now it’s your best friend. Carefully you take a few seeds, grind them and mix them with salt. After holding this mix on your decayed tooth for 10 minutes, you realize you feel much better. You see a magazine on the table and what a surprise! It has just the tooth ache remedies you were so desperate for! You decide to read on just for the irony of having found what you needed after you already used it to treating tooth pain.

You are amazed to see that one of your favorite fruits, oranges, have benefits when it comes to tooth ache remedies. They contain vitamin C which it is very helpful with keeping your teeth strong and your gums healthy. Knowing this one, you put in mind to buy a few kilograms tomorrow when you go will go shopping.

Further on, clove oil is said to be a very efficient remedy for tooth aches because it has some good antiseptic properties. It should be used by pouring it into the cavity.

Even if it makes you sneeze a lot and you always refused to use it as an ingredient for various foods, pepper powder has some really good effects on your tooth aches. You need a few tea spoons of pepper powder (two or three are enough) and then you need to mix them with a quarter of tea spoon of salt. This mix will be very potent in dealing with your tooth aches and it should be used regularly. Used on a daily basis, it prevents bad breath, cavity problems, bleeding and sore gums, and of course, tooth ache. If you have sensitive teeth, this mixture will definitely help you with that as well.

You’ve been using this in your salads but you didn’t know what benefits it has to your teeth. Onion is a useful natural remedy and it is easy to use. Just cut a small piece of onion and then put it on your decaying tooth. Its juice will rinse your cavity and clear all the bacteria causing your pain and thus you will be feeling better. If you hated onion for causing a bad breath, you will praise it from now on.

Remember, it is better to prevent than to treat! Always keep a healthy diet and be careful what you put in your mouth. A healthy diet is the first and most important step to a healthy body and thus healthy teeth!